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issues on creation

: muslims believe that we are created seperatley because we are special

: christians believe we have a special relationship with God because he created the world

: purpose to our existance 

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place of humankind

: acts as a khalifah/ steward

: muslim teaching- livee Allah alone, respect all teachers

: christian teaching- obey God, we should all serve God 

: we should all enjoy the world and it's resources 

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what makes us human ?

: soul

: culture

: one god- father, son , holy spirit

: god judges and punishes 

: omni-potent 

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: we all have a talent

: talents are god given- use as a duty to help others, to be enjoyed

: use our talents and do not waste them

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use of animals

: christians believe they are to be cared for and to be respected as they are part of God's creation 

: shouldn't be abused

: muslims believe they should be used for food and treated humanly

: stewardship responsibility 

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