other research into work related stress

further research into work related stress continuing from marmot's study

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Johansson- swedish sawmill workers

  • studied swedish sawmill workers
  • found that those who worked cuttin the wood had more time off due to illness and had higher levels of adreanaline in their urine
  • this shows that highly demanding jobs or jobs with high workloads can be stressful


  • low population validity- only studied swedish sawmill workers so the study is only relevant to one job in one country, so effects can be different with more or less physically demanding jobds and in different countries
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Pomaki- doctors

  • found doctors who experience role conflict were more likely to show emotional exhaustion, depressive symptoms and other complaints
  • role conflict is when a persons work role and home role become blurred because they have to take work home
  • this shows that role conflict is another factor that causes stress at work


  • low population validity- only looked at doctors so only one type of job was studied. therefore results can only be generalised to doctors as effects can be different in other jobs
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