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All these definitions are either from my teacher or from the AQA English Language B textbook

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Words that habitually go together:

A: Fish and Chips

B: Mum and Dad

C: Cats and Dogs

Use in Sentence

The repetition of collocation within the story reflects the child audience…

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Psychological or cultural associations with words:

A: The writing was red on the wall - Connotations of blood

B: Sayuri fights everyday - Connotations of war/strength

C: All he did was sit all day - Connotations of laziness - different context: disability

Use in sentence:

The connotations which the colour red creates such as....

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Shortened words to letters:




Use in Sentence:

The use of acronyms make the text more time efficient and is easier for the reader to remember.

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Exaggeration – usually used in press:

A: There was millions of people there.

B: It was huge

C: It was the best thing that had ever happened to me

Use in Sentence:

The hyperbole exaggerates....

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Assumed Knowledge on the subject:

For example, in newspaper articles if a story had been covered previously, the author would assume that you know certain facts that had already been covered.

Use in Sentence:

The pragmatics would show how specialised the text is...

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Semantic Field

Group of words that make up a theme of text:

Use in Sentence and Example

Horror genre usually has a semantic field of blood, guts and gore

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Language of a social group  -  This may involve some sort of colloquial language - covet prestige:

A: Init la - Isn't it lad

B: 'Ight Blood - How are you, family?

C: Brav - Brother

Or could include a very strict standard English - overt prestige 

A: How are you?

B: I am fine thank you very much

C: Would you please do the dishes for me?

Use in sentence:

The sociolect within the group is reflected by,,,

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A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language:

A: Shut is a synonym of close

B: Blue, as in colour, and Blue as in emotion

C: There, Their and They're

Use in Sentence:

The synonym of...emphasises...

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just so bad i nearly killed myself.

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