Origins of the French Revolution

French Revolution Unit

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1) Long Term Causes

During ancien regime, there were a number of deep-rooted problems that affected successive royal governments. These problems influenced:

  • the way France was governed, practicularly the taxation system.
  • the carefully ordered yet deeply divided structure of French society.
  • the gradual spread of ideas which started to challenge this structure.
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1) a. The structure of royal government

  • Ruled by the Bourbons
  • King was responsible only to God and answerable to no one on Earth
  • System of government known as ABSOLUTISM
  • Personality and character of ruler is very important as it sets the tone for the style of government.

Limitations to power:

  • Kings were still bound by the laws and customs.
  • many independent bodies - Assembly of the Clergy, had rights and priveleges guarenteed by law. - King could not interfere with these.
  • He also had to consult his council of ministers and advisers to make laws. Most important: Controller-General, in charge of royal finances.
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