Origin of Cells

Origin of cells

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Endosymbiosis theory

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  • A cell with a symbiotic 'premitochondrion' made the early animal cells
  • This cell then engulfed a photosynthetic prokaryote (pre-chloroplast) which led to plant cells


  • A plant-like cell with both aerobic and photosynthetic symbionts this then lost photosynthetic organelles which created animal cells
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  • Endo symbiosis between aerobic bacterium and an early cell
  • Bacterium was engulfed by nucleated per-prokaryote which led to a pre-mitochondrion
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  • Endosymbiosis between photosynthetic bacterium and an early cell
  • The bacteria was engulfed by a nucleated pre-prokaryote which led to a pre-chloroplast
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