Origin and Meaning

Origin and Meaning


  • God is creator of the universe and everything in it
  • God created the Universe out of nothing
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Origin and Meaning


  • Bible- word of God, Genesis 1:1 ("God created the heavens and the Earth")
  • St Thomas Aquinas- must be logical beginning, transcendant God most probable explanation
  • St Thomas Aquinas- order of universe evidence of God, ordering force
  • Niscene Creed- "creator of heven and Earth", core teaching
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St Augustine and Creation ex nihilo


  • bishop in North Africa
  • around 4th/5th century
  • living in times of great upheaval
  • influential ideas about sin and human failing
  • The Confessions
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St Augustine and Creation ex nihilo

What he says in The Confessions

  • God is omniscient (all knowing and wise)
  • God did not create anything from himself as it would be of equal value to him
  • God is good and everything he creates is good
  • only God remains superior to his creation
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Catholic Theology

What is theology?

  • literally means "God words" or "God talk"
  • involves study of God
  • study of all things to do with God
  • study of God's relationship with us
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Catholic Theology

3 Legged Stool

  • sacred tradition- lived experience of being a follower of Christ
  • sacred scripture- teachings of Jesus as the revalation of God
  • magesterium- teaching authority of the leaders of the church
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The Bible

Origins of the Bible

  • spoken- initially just spoken as not many people could read or write
  • written- written around 1000 BC, gospels written later (eye witnesses were dying out
  • collected- collected together in 383 AD, organized into OT and NT
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