Organisation of major areas of economy

Revision cards on the organisation of major ares of the economy of the Third Reich

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Reich Food Estate - regulated production, distribution, imports, wages, prices etc. Gave subsidies

Reich Entailed Food Law - protected small farms as they were not to be sold,mortgaged or split up. However small farmers couldn't prosper as it discouraged innovation and they couldn't use their farms as insurance for loans.

  • government measures to reduce high food prices and debt
  • attention focused on large estates rather then smallholders
  • divisions within the farming community e.g arable farmers benefited from subsidies but livestock farmers hit by shortages and higher cost
  • production from agriculture overall fell
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  • industry brought under state supervision (Reichsgruppe for Industry)
  • state controlled resources but industry remained largely privately owned
  • 300,000 small businesses went bankrupt 1933-1945
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  • massive investment ( 3.8 billion RM p.a by 1938)
  • confusion and overlap, e.g with investment and administration of railways
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Foreign Trade

  • Schacht's bilateral trade agreement replaced by policy of autarky
  • foreign conquests made up lack in domestic production 
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