Organisation of the League


The Secriat, The Council and The Assembly

The Secriat

  • Covered health, disarmament and economic matters
  • Kept and wrote reports

The Council

  • Met 5 times a year 
  • 4 permanent members- GB, FR, IT, ***
  • Tried to sort out disputes, if they were unable to:
    • The aggressors were told to stop
    • Trading is stopped and sanctions are applied
    • Army may be used to forcefully get them to act

The Assembly

  • Met once a year
  • One representative per country met in Geneva,Switzerland
  • Recomended actions to council:decisions unanimous
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The Commitees

The Mandates Commision

  • Made sure UK + FR ruled German collonies correctly

The Slavery Commision

  • Helped abolish slavery in Ethiopia and Liberia
  • Reduced deaths on Tangangiha railways from 53% to 4%

The Refugee Committee

  • Helped 425,000 refugees go home 
  • Set up refugee camp in Germany

The Health Commitee

  • Educated people on health and sanitation
  • Researched diseases such as malaria, leprosy and typhus
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Other Commitees

The Permanent Court of International Justice

  • Judges of member countries brought cases to court
  • The Court couldn't ensure rules were obeyed

The International Labour Organisation (ILO)

  • Tried to get countries to act lawfully but couldnt force them
  • Introduced the 8h working day/ 48h week and tried to improve working conditions
  • Campaigned to end child labour and bring in gender equality
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  • Formed in 1918, all major countires were wanted to join to protect each other
  • Clemencau wanted it to have an army
  • Lloyd George wanted to only meeth in emergencies while Wilson wanted to meet regularly

50 Members including:

UK: 1919-1945

France: 1919- 1945

Italy: 1919- 1937

Japan: 1919-1933

Germany: Blamed for WW1, 1926-1933

USSR: Civil War and didn't want spread of communism, 1934-1939

NO America: Didnt like to lose money sorting out disputes, didnt agree with colonies and appaled at WW1 losses

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