Oppositional Culture 1968-2001

Oppositional culture through :




through the 1960's to 1990's

Have added a few video links to give an idea, mostly oppositional but added a few popular things too, finding oppositional TV was diffocult, (then again I'm not very good at researching things on the internet)

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Music: Psychedelic Rock



Oppositional but became mainstream

About Drugs and their influence on the body and mind (trips!)

Woodstock festival (music, durgs, alchohol...)

Bands: Pink Floyd

(eventually) The Beatles


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Music: Motown

1960's & 1970's

Soul miusic with pop appeal

Dance music: upbeat 

s e x, drugs, lesbian gay bisexual transexual (LGBT), white, psychodelic, African Americans

Challenged racial descrimination ''Black Prode''

use Martin Luthers Speech

Faded in 80's but inspired Hip Hop

Musicians: Jackson 5

Michael jackson


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Music: R&B

1970's & 1980's

Saxaphone & double base

Urban, rocking, jazz

incorporated everything

Pop orientated (soul, funk & disco) 

Ruthm & blues

Segregation still a problem. Older disliked but youth loved the music

Popular mainstream music


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Music: Punk


Anti-political & religious

Angsty & disconnected with everything

Multiple minority groups



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Music: Hip Hop

1980's & 1990's

Urban youth culture

Rap music of the African Americans

Break dancing, parties in blocks, made $ as DJ

Heavily influence music in caribbean & cross cities (London)

Jamacan (immigrants came to New York)

Gave poor black teens a voice


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Music; Gangsta Rap



Equality still not realised


Minority for disfactionised African Americans


Violent/ gun crime


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Music: Grunge


Inspiired others

Inspired by Indie Rock, heavy metal & ******** rock

About drugs, suicide, negative feelings, women's rights

No common topics Angst-filled lurics

Unkept and messy appearence 

No music video as repelled tradition

Mainstream (only lasted 7 years as most popular band, lead singer died)


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The Simpsons popular

However satire (mocking US society)

The Waltons 1960's + 

popular and based firstly on Roosevelt and the Great Depression just before WW2, multiple series, go into dept of a family life and the effects American society had

Bewitched 1960-1970's

mainstream. SAbout a wiitch who marries a mortal & attempts to be a typical suburban housewife (traditional american , not 'different')


The Brady Bunch 1960-1970's

popular. series revolving around a latge blended family

Happy Days 1974-1984

mainstream, based aroubd an idealized vision of life in the mid- 1950's to mid-60's in America


Beavis and Butthead  1990's

an animated program on MTV was blamed for a young boy burning down his family’s mobile home.


Many blamed arson on this programme saying young boys were mimicking it

Mary Hartman, mary Hartman January 6, 1976 – May 10, 1977

an average American housewife. In the first year, Mary suffered the travails of mass murder, adultery, venereal disease, homosexuality, religious cults, and UFO sightings, before she finally succumbed to a nervous breakdown 

Oppositional, many were outrage by the sinsitive topics discussed


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Oppositional Film: 60's

They Shoot Horses don't they 1969


About depression & suicide

Speaks out against Capitalism

Depression & need to escape

Commented on Hollywood


Medium Cool 1969

Corrupt media & FBI 

Very topical

considers political role of media

Bonnie & Clyde  1967

Opened societies eyes to violence happening in America & how other men are wrongly condemed

Contraversial crime/gangster films 

combines comedy, terror, love & violence

'innocents on the run'

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Oppositional Film: 70's

The Last Movie 1971

Critique of USA 

No-one saw it! (no-one admitts to seeing anything!)

lying society to save their own skin not get justice

Dity Harry 1971

Legal system


Right vs Wrong

Speaks of silent minority

Attack 'liberal' legal & judicial stablishment

Cookoo nest 1974

Political correctness

How the mentaly ill are trated like animals with no compasson

man in order to ecape prison prenetnd to be metaly dysfunctinal 

becomes friends with other criminals who are mentaly dysfunctional, finding they are perfectly descne t people, but are trated horrbly

Shows them how to live life to the fullest (shows them how to have fun: games, making friends)

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Oppositional Film: 80's

Full Metal Jacket 


Anecdote to Hollywood hero films

Violence & military. So they want to kill?

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Oppositional Film: 90's

The Matrix 1999


Governments control of America's lives

free will? do we have it?

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Forest Gump 1994

Promoting Conservative values 

Considers variety of circumstances: drugs, war, business.....

Catch 22 1970



within space-time

constructs post WWII

Cultural positioning

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