Opposition to the New Deal

Who opposed to Roosevelt's New Deal?

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Business Leaders

They were unhappy about various aspects of the New Deal:

  • Regulations of the working conditions
  • The growth of trade unions and their increasing involvement
  • The huge costs of the welfare programmes (which came from taxes paid for by the Americans)




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The states

Some states were concerned by the New Deal because:

  • Measures like the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) cut across the rights of individual states
  • They feared that the Federal Government was becoming too powerful



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Some politicians opposed the New Deal:

  • Republicans opposed the Democrat Roosevelt
  • Even some conservative Democrats opposed Roosevelt
  • Some radicals like Huey Long, believed the New Deal did not go far enough
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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court clashed with Roosevelt:

  • Its judges ruled that several of the New Deal measures were illegal
  • Matters came to a head in 1937 when Roosevelt wanted to appoint six new judges to alter the political balance of the Court in favour of the Democrats



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