Opposition to the New Deal

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Who could Roosevelt count on?

  • Congress - strong majority in the Senate and the House
  • Popular Support - public liked him, always won majority of votes
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Left wing

  • The First New Deal did not go far enough!
  • Huey Long "I am against big business, I have a scheme that would offer a decent annual wage. I will stand as an independent candidate and split the vote" However, Long was assainated before the election proving to be not fully popular
  • Father Cofflin "Bad organisation of banks, we need a redistribution of wealth, people are slaves of wallstreet! I have money and popularity however I fell into a bad reputation"
  • Upton Sinclair "We need to do more, unemployed should be paid in tokens that are cashed in to corporations! I was the Californian Governor but I lost badly in the election, I was too radical!"
  • Francis Townsend "No public spending, we need to encourage private! I was very popular and gained many signatures but theres was no reality in my argument"
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Right wing

  • The New Deal has gone too far
  • The Supreme Court "the NRA is too unbusinesslike, we're going to close 11 aplhabet ganecies. All 11 were closed, we had alot of power but we have to wait for the case to come to us, e.g the Sick Chicken Case"
  • The American Liberty League "we are businessmen like JP Morgan and we fear the Government is sovietising america through too much government intervention, theres too many unions! We had alot of money and could influence the Supreme Court. However, some businessmen like Roosevelt like Jack Warner"
  • Republican Party "New Deal is wastefull in terms of the lack of results, too much for too little! At the end of Roosevelts term we had the majority in Senate but we lost control in the 1932 election and 1934 we lost too many seats"
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