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  • main group of peasants who rebbled and killed the sodiers that attempted to pillage their land-they suffered most-CARTMEN 

degree of threat

  • had numbers and theirfore were dangerous 20-40,000
  • had nothing to lose already living in really bad conditions 
  • Petition- wanted peace 
  • disorganised 
  • {relitivly low}-actyally lost support for Caths 

How Henry dealt with them

  • But no match for trained sodiers
  • not directly against the king
  • He said he was on their side -CARROT
  • {V WELL}
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Biron, Boullion and the Nobels

why Biron Cath-spain

  • admited to have been talking to Spansish for some time and HIV forgave him.
  • However the ambitious biron began to plan a revolt and it was reported that several hundred gentlmen in Auverg and Gascony were comunicating weith Savoy and Spain
  • Biron was found out and beheaded but to make matter worse it became apprent both Phillip and some of the leading French nobels 
  • Henry was unwilling to take action against them all but he couldnt over look the duc of Boullion 

Boullion Prot-france+germany

  • he had alot of power and prestige abd was Henris Luiftenent general during the FWR
  • he wanted to raise huig support in france in order to get an army of mercanaries 
  • He went to Sedan and Henri sent an army and he gave up without a fight 

degree of treat-BI got the powerful spain involved-they were both repsectful powerful and inflkuenctiol nobels {MID} 


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Catholic leuge


  • set up in order to stop a hugernaugth (HIV) coming to power
  • wanted cardinal bourbon

Degree of threat

  • Were very well funded by Phillip II and had alot power over HIII-his refusel caused the seige of Paris
  • Half of Henry IVs army refused to fight for him
  • Had power and in charge of alot of france-blockaided Paris defied Monarch
  • appealed to extream Catholics 
  • had links with spain especially after HIV defeated DofM
  • DUke of Parma was brought in broke paris 

Dealt with 

  • he defeated the Duc of Mayerne
  • it came to an end shortly after Hs rein-abjuration and bribes
  • well he managed to get into power

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  • mistress of the king who said her son was ligitamite heir to the throne
  • attempted to get the king killed
  • conspiracy but in the end they made up and legitamised son-delt with V well 
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