Opposition to Weimar Germany 1924-32

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General Points: 'Golden Years'

1924-29 - 'Golden Years'

No further attempts by right or left to overthrow the government, and no major political assassinations, in the period. However, there were still signs of opposition to the republic.

  • Elections of May 1924 - increased vote for extremist parties. However, this rise was short-lived.
  • By 1928, big businesses were beginning to oppose the govs right to arbitrate in industrial disputes. 
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Political extremism and crises, 1929-33

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and ensuing economic depression resulted in further polarisation. The period was one in which led to political extremism. 

The Depression caused more Germans to look to the political extremes for solutions for mass unemployment and falling living standards. This was reflected in the growth of the Nazi Party and KPD after 1929.

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