Oppisition in Nazi Germany during the war

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White Rose Group

-Sudents at Munich Universty

-The Leader was Professor Kurt Huber

-Hans and Sophie Scholl

 -Used a printing press to make leaflets and secertly spread them around the school 

-Caught by caretaker

-Arrested by Gestapo

-Toured and exucuted

- Sophie had her legs broken and was made to walk to the noose

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-There was Socialist and Communists

-Didn't work together

-They were discovered by the Gestapo and thousands were sent to concentration camps

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Within Army- July Plot

- Took Place 20th July at a meeting in the Wolf's Lair

-Code name was  Valkyrie

- Colonel Claus von Staffenburg, a senior officer in the army, left a Breif case under a table at a meeting with a bomb inside it.

-When Hitler arrived, Staffenburg left the room and the bomb exploded.

-Four people were killed.

-Hitler suffered minor injuries.

-Staffenburg was excuted

Result: 5,000 people suspected to be part of the plot were executed, inculding army generals.

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Christian Groups

-The Confessing Church was formed by Martin Niemöller in 1934

- 6,000 ministers left the Nazi chruch, leaving 2,000 behind in the National Reich Church.

-This was a challenge to the Nazis.

- Around 800 ministers were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

-Martin Niemöller was sent to concentration camps for 7 yrs (until 45)

Bonhoeffer, Protestant minister- He opposed the Nazis' policies on racism

-He was in contact with the Allies, organsing a resitance

-Aressted in 1943

-2 years ealier he had  helped 14 Jews to escape to switzerland

-He was executed at Flössenburg concentration camp during the final month of the war (1945)

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