Operating Online

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e-Commerce & Online Accounts

  • Consumers can shop 24/7 - increased opportunity for sales and profits
  • High street shops not necessarily needed - could lead to loss of jobs
  • No shop - company doesn't have to pay for utility bills, staff wages - profits increased
  • Different types of jobs created (e.g. Web designers)
  • Wider range of goods available
  • Challenge (Captcha) Test: asks use to copy in a piece of hard to read text - prevents spam because computers cannot read the text.
  • Verification: Asking users to enter data twice to check it is correct
  • Validation: Drop down lists limit the data that can be entered in that field

Online Accounts

Entering personal data to register onto a website

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Personal Spaces & Profiling

Personal space - contains data about user that they have entered. other users can then view this. Usually moderated for bad language/inappropriate behaviour. Allows users to send messages and share files (e.g. social media).


  • Allows user to record their personal details online
  • Forums and social networking sites use profiles. Can be public or private.

Data Protection Act 1988:

See Legislation revision cards

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