Op. 118 No. 2- Intermezzo



  • Turnary form
  • (ABA)
  • A: 1-48
  • B:49-76
  • A:76-116
  • 4 bar phrases
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  • A major (tonic)
  • Use of E major b.6 bb3
  • Use of C majore b.16 bb3
  • Back to A major b.18 bb3
  • Chromatic movement in right hand ascending minums b.26-28
  • Use of 7th interval in ascending quaver b.35 bb3
  • Retardation (an upwards suspension) used b.38
  • Modulates to F# minor (relative minor) b.49
  • Use of C# minor in irregular ascending triplets.
  • Perfect cadence b.71
  • Use of dissonance b.76
  • Perfect cadence at the end of piece.
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  • Use of double slurring e.g b.2 bb3
  • 3 note motif (2nd theme) b.16 bb3
  • b.21 melody transpoded up a fourth of the b.17 bb3 melody.
  • Inversion of start ascending quavers b.34 bb3
  • Quavers in left hand b.49 bb2/3 augmented to that of the right hand bb1
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Markings to add expression

  • Dolce b.4 bb3
  • Use of rit b.45 bb2
  • Piu lento (more slow) b.46 bb3
  • rit b.56
  • Una corda (soft pedal) b.57
  • Homophonic texture b.57
  • Tre corda (pedal off) b.64
  • Calando (gradually decreasing in speed and volume) b.100
  • rit b.113
  • Piu lento b.115
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