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Proslogian 2...

Real things are better than imaginary things


If real things are better than imanginary and god is better than anything else then god must be real

Proslogian 3...


Things which have necessary existence are better that things that are contingent

Tis is because the existence of contingent beings isnt guaranteed

If god is better thn anything else god must have necessary existence

Argument is deductive and made of analytic statements.

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Argued that god is perfect - in order to be perfect god must exist

Argued that existenxe is a defining predicate of god - saying that god is real but does not exist is saying you can have a triangle without three sides

Withought three sides you canthave a triangle - without existence you can have no idea of god

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Used sturctire of Anslem's argument to prove it was rediculous:

Real things are better than imaginary

The perfect island would be better than anything which caould be concieved

Therefore it must exist because real things are better than imaginary

Used this to justify that anything exists

Anselm - even a perfect island would still be dependant on the sun, sea and sand so you cant compare god to an island.

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Believed in god - no argument a himan could come up with can prove the existence of god

Argued that Anslem and Descartes were wrong because they said that existence is a defining predicate or a characteristic that god must have to be god

But didnt think existence was a predicate because it doesnt say anything about god

Therefore you cant say that existence is a predicate because it doesnt give any information about what you are trying to describe

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