Online workspaces and VLEs


Online workspaces and VLEs

Online workspaces are used for people who are work together and virtual learning environments (VLE) are provides an online for a group of people who learn together, they are mainly used by schools.  

Online workspaces provide a virtual space for people who work together to meet, share files and work collaboratively online.

The functions of a VLEs are that it provide information to help students learn, for example access to additional notes and homework in school or remotely from home as long as they have an internet connection. Also it allow teachers to work collaboratively to create high quality learning material.

The features of VLEs are they have a timetable/news for staff and students, marking tools for the teachers, email and chat communitcation, students, teachers and parents can track progress and data such as test marks, personalisation for individual students, interactive polls and questionaires and facility for students to contribute to blogs and personalise their own space. 

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