online shopping


-this means buying and selling good and services online

- you can buy physical goods (a jacket) and non physical goods (a song off itunes)

some companies sell online only whereas others have physical shops also

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online shops

how online shops work

the website displays the goods for sale

customer places the products in the trolley (virtual shopping basket)

customer selects the check out option

payment is made and confirmed

goods and services are then dispatched and shortly delivered to the customer 

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features of online shops

- it allows users to search for the goods

- images are provided of the products so customers can see what they are buying

- available 24/7/365

- comparison of prices to other similar products

- recommendations for future purchases

- customer reviews of their experience with the products

- bookable delivery service e.g. when shopping on next you can choose if you want the parcel delivered in the morning or afternoon 

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online booking systems

booking systems for travel, leisure and entertainment

they work like this:

- booking systems displays the events that are available

- customer selects the seat/flight/holiday and places it in the website trolley

- customer enters their personal details

- payment is then made and confirmed

- confirmation email sent with the tickets attached, the customers can then print the ticket. 

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