online education, news and banking

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education and training

how it works:

- the student creates and online account and selects his or her courses

- teaching material is then provided on the website

- assingments are then submitted and returned to the students online


- interactive teaching material

- communities of students interacting online

- provides personalised learning for every student

- students are able to work from their home

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information services

how they work:

- news reports are written by newspaper and tv companies, they are available online for free or through a subscription

- users can then access the websites to read the news or select the news using RRS feeds

features of information services:

-easy to search for and easy to sort items

- up to date worldwide news 

- allows users to select the news- it is presented in text, images and vudeis

- extra content provided for subscribers

- users can add comments and subscribe to the content

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banking& other financial services

how they work:

users create a secure online bank account

money can be transferred electronically via accounts

payments can be made into other accounts


- view up to date bank account details

- view all transactions

- pay bills online

- create new bank accounts

- secure access is provided

- offer promotions available to online customers 

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