Online marketing trends 2020


Online marketing trends 2020

Personalization and customer focus

This is one of the main aspects that is already on the agendas of many companies and marketing professionals. Personalization is understood as a focus with the customer at the center. And is that no one can deny that the empowerment of users has come to settle.

A customer-centric culture involves observing, collecting data, obtaining feedback, and analyzing information. The trend is to use this data to guide the improvement of the product or service and the innovation of the company.

Automation of online advertising

The American agency ensures that in 2020 almost 90% of online ads in North America will be scheduled. Programmatic advertising will spread to most platforms. Many companies already use it for real-time decision-making by reaching the ad to their target audience. The non-invasive advertising will become an important part of the marketing strategy of companies, and not just as an innovative element.

Furthermore, when we talk about online presence and reputation we must not ignore the benefits of a Wikipedia page. If you create a Wikipedia page about your business or brand, it will help you appear on the top search engine results and help you gain huge amount of online traffic.

Google Ads will strongly embrace automation with tools such as Smart Shopping or the Responsive Display Ads that will launch throughout 2020.

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