One Child Policy

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  • Enforced abortions and sterilisations

200,000 ordered abortions by the end of 2001 in mountainous region Huaiji

1500 abortions an hour, 336 million in total

  • Female Infanticide

Boys > Girls

'Little Emperor' syndrome - 140 million by 2014

  • Rate of population now 0.7%
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Long term implications

2nd child allowed if first girl is a child or if both parents are only children

  • Still has a very large total population of 1.4 billion
  • Two child policy?
  • By 2020 there will be 30 million more men than women aged between 20 and 45
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Problems with enforcing the policy

  • Policy resisted in rural areas where it was tradition to have large families
  • More children needed in rural areas for agricultural work
  • Difficult to control in remote areas
  • Worried of economic implications of an ageing popluation
    • not enough carers in the future
    • reducing workforce
  • Social influence of western world
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In 1979 the One Child Policy was introduced...

  • Use contraception
  • Family planners
  • 'Granny Police'
  • Enforced abortions and sterelisations

It was introduced because population was spiraling out of control.

The popluation was increasing by 55 million every year, the equivalent of the UK's population

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