These cards are something that I produced as part of a task set by my teacher. Our class had to each take a term that was said to be a quality of God, produce something on it and then hand it out to the rest of our class so that we could teach eachother and help eachother remember each of the terms.

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  • Omnipresent is the property of being everywhere, being all around at all times.
  • According to Eastern Christianity, this is a quality of God and he is everywhere.
  • Some people think that being in every place at once is an impossibility but most Christians believe that this is not the case-they believe that Omnipresence is a quality of God.
  • This term is mostly used in religious context (mainly when talking about God) as it shows a superior authority to everything else-just like what God has.
  • Omnipresence is one of the "Four O's" that Christianity use to describe God.
  • The word omnipresence does show that there is a higher being as it is impossible for any human to be in more than one place at one time.
  • As a result of this, people assume that God is this "greater being" and that is why Christians view him as more intelligent and more perfect than any human could ever be.
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