Oleanna Character Studies

The characters of John and Carol

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Act 1:

- Language is limited to reflect her inferior position to John

- Speech weighting is minimal

- Sentences are simplistic; not fully formed; lack complex language

- Frequently interrupted by John/ telephone ringing (use of ellipses)

- Asks questions regarding definition; thinks John has all the answers

- Appears to be timid and unsure of her opinion; uses John's own words regularly

- Shows desparation; says that she 'has to pass'

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Act 1

- Uses complex academic language to display control and power over Carol

- Shows confusion when explaining what a 'term of art' it; shows flaws

- Has the greater proportion of speech weighting

- Uses allegories and metaphorical stories to explain simplistic concepts

- Opens with John on the phone; implies a lack of regard for Carol's concerns

- Answers ringing phone with a student in office and goes on to have personal conversation

- Sentences are fully formed; frequently interrups Carol


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