Offer and Acceptance

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Offer or Invitation To Treat?

Test: Strorer v Manchester City Council

- Invitation To Treat: no contract.

- Offer: clear display of intention to fix terms.

     - Display of goods: invitation to treat (Pharmaceutical Society v Boots).

     - Advertisements: invitation to treat (Partridge v Crittenden).

     - Auction: invitation to treat and bid is offer (Payne & Barry v Davies).

     - Tender: invitation to treat (Harvela v Royal Trust).

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- Counter Offer: Hyde v Wrench.

- Request For Information: Stevenson v McLean.

- Unequivocal Acceptance: Entores - must be communicated.

    - Instantaneous Method: Entores - within business hours. The risk is on the party at fault: Brinkibon & Brimnes.

     - Postal Rule: Adams v Linsdell. Conditions:

          - Letter must be properly posted: Contimar otherwise the least favourable time: Korbetis.

          - Reasonable to use the post: Henthorn v Fraser.

          - Has not been displaced by the offereor: Holwell v Hughes - notice in writing.

- Time of Acceptance: Revocation can be made before acceptance: Routledge / Revocation must be communicated: Byrne / Counter Offer destroys original offer: Hyde v Wrench.

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