Offences against the person act 1861 case facts



ABH s.47 Actus Reus: D kicked the V who lost consciousness. Held that the D was convicted as loss of consciousness can be ABH

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DPP v Smith

ABH s.47 Actus Reus: D had an argument with his gf and cut off her ponytail. Held that cutting off a substantial amount of hair could amount to ABH.

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Chan Fook

ABH s.47 Actus Reus: D dragged V upstairs and locked him in a room as he suspected him of theft. V felt abused, ashamed and humilated. Held that ABH includes psychiatric injury but does not include fear or panic.

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ABH s.47 Mens Rea: D was driving and made advances to V, she feared him and jumped from the car. Held that the D was convicted of ABH as he only needed to intend battery.

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