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  • Ranch worker
  • Travels with Lennie
  • He knew Lennies Aunt who had looked after Lennie and promised to look after him when she died
  • Has a father, son relationship with Lennie
  • Looks after Lennie after his Aunt died.
  • Previously worked in Weed however he had to escape with Lennie.
  • He knows what Lennie is capable of (his strength - what happened in Weed)
  • wants the American dream (to "live off the fatta the Lan'")
  • He respects the other ranch workers, especially Slim howevere is also wary and does not trust people easily 
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Chapter 1: 'We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us.' page 15

'I want you to stay with me.' page 14

Chapter 2: 'Lennie aint handy but this Curley punk is gonna get hurt if he messes around with Lennie' page 28

'What the hell kindkind of bed you giving us?' page 20

Chapter 3: 'She's a ********* all set on the trigger' page 52

'Leggo of him Lennie let go.' page 63

Chapter 4: 'what you doin' in Crooks' room. You hadn't ought to be in here' page 82

'He looked dissaprovingly about' page 82

Chapter 5: 'Couldn't we maybe bring him in an' the'll lock him up?' page 96

'I think I'd knowed we never do her' page 89

Chapter 6: 'Aint gonna be no more trouble' page 104 

'I just done it' page 105

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Chapter 1: George and Lennie set up camp in the brush by the river side. George is introduced as a friend of Lennies who looks after him and makes sure he doesn't get into 'trouble.'

Chapter 2: They arrive at the ranch and the bunkhouse is descibed. They are introduced to the other characters (Candy, Curley, Slim, Curley's Wife, the boss)

Chapter 3:  George confides in Slim about his past. Lennie crushes Curley's hand. They plan out how they are going to buy a peice of land

Chapter 4: George and the stronger men go to town to the whore house

Chapter 5: George finds Curley's wife dead. George takes the gun and sends the others in the wrong direction

Chapter 6: George tells Lennie about the dream (cyclical). Shoots Leenie like the Dog was Shot

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