Of Mice and Men - Explanation of key themes

The key themes of the novel, Of Mice and Men

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Main Themes...

1. Loneliness

2. Responsibility

3. Animals

4. Racism

5. Dreams

6. Segregation

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Everyone on the ranch is lonely.

Geoge says ranch guys 'are the loneliest in the world'.

Curley - he is still lonely even though he is married and his marrige has failed miserably.

Curley's Wife - she feels she has missed opportunities of becoming a film star by living with curley on the ranch.

Crooks - he lives all alone as he is exiled from all the others mainly because he is black.

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People on the ranch are going nowhere.

George and Lennie dream of a better life.

  • Steinbeck implys from the beginning that their dream will never happen.
  • George says 'I go to thinking maybe we would'.
  • The American Dream is only a dream - there is a very small chance things will actually happen.

George's dream dies with Lennie.

  • When George kills Lennie, George is resigned to the life of a single man.
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