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About the main themes considered in OMAM.

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Main Themes

Loneliness and dreams - interlink - Lonely people need dreams to get through

  • George - Not lonely in novel because he has Lennie, will become lonely after losing him. Him and Lennie share a dream (patch of land) so set on the idea he chases after land he knows is up for sale.
  • Lennie - Only character innocent enough not to fear loneliness. Angry when CROOKS suggests George wont come back to him (PG 79) Same as George - main desire to tend soft-haired rabbits they will keep.
  • Curley's Wife - Married to a man she doesn't love(vice versa). No other women on the ranch - nothing to do. Tries to befriend men by hanging out in the bunk house. Dreams of being a movie star. Hopes were raised by a man who claimed he would take her to Hollywood but didn't receive a letter - married Curley.
  • Candy - When his dog is shot he has nothing left. Delayed killing the dog, even though he knew it was the best thing, as he dreaded losing his long-time companion. Joins George and Lennie. His savings ($350) actually make the dream possible to achieve.
  • Crooks - Lives in enforces solitude, away from the other men. Bitter about being a back-busted ******. Thrilled when Lennie and Candy come into his room and are his companions for a night. Being EQUAL TO EVERYONE ELSE and knows his civil rights. remembers his childhood when he played with white children who came to his family's chicken ranch. Longs for a similar relationship again.
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What the title entales

  • Robert Burns (18th century Scottish poet)
  • About a MOUSE (George and Lennie) which carefully builds a nest for winter in a WHEAT FIELD (the ranch), only to be destroyed by a PLOUGHMAN (Curley)
  • MOUSE has a dream of a safe warm winter (George and Lennie's dream Farm) and is faced with harsh reality of cold, loneliness and possible death.
  • Parallel with George and Lennie's fantasy of a farm of their own and it's all-too-predictable destruction at the end.
  • Perhaps also to suggest to us how predictable our lives are.
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  • DIALECT!!!! (American Slang)
  • Shooting is mentioned as a way out of trouble (George says he would shoot himself if he were related to Lennie).
  • Killing of dog parallels the shooting of Lennie: both are depicted as merciful. Both cases the shot is in the same place (base of the skull) and Slim approves both killings.
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