Of Mice And Men - Charecters

These Revision Notes Will Help You Remember Some Of The Key Charecters In The Book And How These Charecters Are Portrayed.

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  • George is a key charecter throughout the whole of 'of mice and men'
  • He is definately seen as one of the most caring charecters throughout the book
  • His most famous quote in the book is 'guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. They don't have no family, they don't belong no place......with us, it ain't like that, we have got a future, we got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us.
  • He is like a father to Lennie
  • George and Lennie both share a dream
  • He sometimes gets annoyed with Lennie "God damn it. Whatever you want we ain't got. God damn it, I could live so easy without you"
  • He supports Lennie through rough times and key scenes such as the fight between Curley and Lennie "Get him Lennie".
  • He kills Lennie at the end of the book as an act of kindness
  • Only Slim understands the true relationship between George and Lennie
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  • Lennie is probably the most important charecter in the whole book
  • He plays roles in key scenes throughout the novel
  • He is obsessed about the rabbits they will be getting on their small piece the dream to own "George said I can tend the rabbits" and "George, lets have different colour rabbits"
  • He is very child like in the way he thinks
  • He is forgetful "George, where are we going"
  • He is very apoligetic "I tryed to remember George"
  • He gets into a fight with Curley because Curley doesn't like Lennie "Get up you big *******"
  • He is seen as one of the weaker charecter in the novel
  • He kills Curley's Wife at the end of the novel
  • He gets shot by George
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You spelt character wrong :) other than that quite good :)

Connor Mullins



Jemima wrote:

You spelt character wrong :) other than that quite good :)

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