Of Mice and Men: Chapters

An brief overview of what happens in each chapter in Of Mice and Men.

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Chapter One

- Nature references

- George and Lennie in the brush (George is followed in by Lennie)

- Animal references about Lennie

- What George could do without Lennie (the life of a normal migrant worker)

- The dream is told and they go to sleep

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Chapter Two

- Bunkhouse (very uniform square shapes)

- Candy is introduced (old age - dog is representive of him) and his need to gossip is also apparent

- Curley is introduced (foreboding and foreshadowing the incident with Lennie)

- Curley's wife is introduced

- Slim is introduced

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Chapter Three

- The dog is shot (foreshadowing Lennie's death)

- The dream is retold (and Candy joins them)

- The fight between Lennie and Curley

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Chapter Four

- Crooks is properly introduced

- "all the weak ones" are in the room at one time

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Chapter Five

- Barn

- Lennie kills the pup (foreshadowing his and Curley's wife's death)

- Curley's wife expresses her need to talk

- Lennie kills her

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Chapter Six

- Back to the brush

- Nature references repeated

- Lennie enters followed by George

- The dream is repeated

- George kills Lennie

- "what the hell d'you suppose is botherin' those two guys?"

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what is the brush

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