''of mice and men'' chapter two

everything you need to know about chapter two!

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overview -/

  • George and Lennie meet candy (handyman/swamper)
  • the boss walks into the bunkhouse. he is a bit aggressive and doesn't like George speaking for Lennie he thinks George is getting something from Lennie... like wages.
  • Curley (the boss son) walks in and takes dislike to Lennie- curly is mean and he is trouble.
  • curley's wife is introduced. she is tarty- Lennie like her and thinks she is ''purty'' (pretty)
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overview contuied.....

  • slim enters the bunk house- he thinks Lennie and George traveling together is all right
  • Carlson introduces himself. he is big, dumb and wants to kill Candy's stinking dog.
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all the action in chapter two happens in the bunkh

  • everyone has his own bed and small cupboard
  • everyone has a few possessions
  • everyone has a few magazines
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the boss is a right grumpy so and so

George and Lennie arrive late so the boss is pretty angry and annoyed . his son is just as bad and starts quizzing Lennie and George in a aggressive way. he looked them up and down and flexed his muscles and seems to take an instant dislike to Lennie.

curley's aggressive for no reason. George warns him not to mess with Lennie- steinbeck is warning us again about the dangerous bit of Lenny's personality like He does with the mouse in chapter one.

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curleys ''purrty wife turns to annoy everyone

she pops into the bunkhouse- twice. she get a reaction from everyone.

  • makes George and Candy jumpy
  • she leans against the door post and then tilts and sways her hips forward. this leave Lennie opened mouthed.
  • slim just smiles and flits mindlessly with her: ''hi, good-looking''
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all of this make George a bit restless

he is anxious about the place they have come to:

  • he's suspicious of Candy's warm welcome
  • he is defensive with the bosses questioning
  • he doesn't like curleys aggressive attitude and was disgusted by his gloved hand!!
  •  done like his wife because she is a ''tramp'' ''*********'' and a ''rat trap''
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George is restless because he is worried lennie wi

  • he shouts at Lennie for talking to the boss
  • he shakes him by the ear when he say curly wife is ''purty''
  • George is scared hell ''tangle'' with curly himself- because curley will be looking for a fight with Lennie.
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