''of mice and men'' chapter six

and ovrview of mice and men chapter six

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overview -/

  • Lennie's at the pool he sees aunt Clara who lectures him and a rabbit who mocks him,
  • Georgie arrives he relates the dream to him and then shoots him in the back of the head with the gun he stole from Carlson.
  • the other men turn up. slim realises what george has done and comforts him.
  • the book ends with Carlson saying ''now what the hell ya suppose is eating them to guys;'
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lennie dies in a place of death and destiny

its aplace of death because:

  • a heorn gobbles up a water snake
  • lennie had prevously killed mice here
  • lennie is about to be killed here

its a palce of destniy because:

  •  theys allways arranged to meet here in cause of trouble and george new there would be troulble.
  • one of the very last things lennie does is unwitinlg save the life of a watersnake.
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he feels guity- he rembers being told of in the pa

.....he is saying them to himself

  • auant clara is very much as autority figure for him
  • she say george is a nice fella and goes on about how he was allways good to lennie
  • she accues lennie of never taking care and for doing a bad thing he has let george down.
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the giant tabbits threatens that lennie will never

  • the rabbit accures him of hat he will do in the futuer- he will forget to tend his rabbits.
  • it says george probaly wont let him keep rabbits anyway
  • says george will beat him with a stick
  • and then geroge will dessert him

only the 3rd cam true but george shot him instead

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george saves lennie by killing him

  • george could live on his own and blow his money on women and whiskey
  • lennie suggest he go off and live in a cave by himself
  • george & lennie could live off the ''fatta the land''
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