''of mice and men'' (Chapter One)

an overview of chapter one and chapter one explaind

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in the first chapter there are.......

  • contrasting and conflicting characters
  • hints of a dark and differnt past
  • two people braced for an uncertain futuer.
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Overiew of chapter one...

  • George and Lennie arrive at a pool of the shallins river in California. were both of them are described to us.
  •  george find that lennie has a dead mouse in his pocket that he has been petting.
  • the ''bad thing'' in weed is mentioned
  • George and Lennie talk about getting a farm of their own with rabbits which will let them ''live of the fatta of the land''. this is THE DREAM.
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George and Lennies relashonship

  • George leads the way. Lennie willingly copies him.
  • both very different:  George is small-featured and slim. Lennie is bulky and is always referred to as an animal. e.g:

''dragging his feer a little, the way a bear drags his paws''

''snotting into the water like a horse''

''behaves like a trerrier''

  •  they have a secret about the ''bad thing'' Lennie done in weed.
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George and Lennies relashonship contuied..

  • Lennie keeps asking George loads of questions he is like a demanding child.
  • George is irritated by the questions- like a harassed and impatient parent.
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The dream

  • George talks about their plans- they'll have a small farm together with animals and crops.
  •  Lennie wants to look after the rabbits.
  • they all ways tallk about it.
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beans and ketchup




could be used as a metaphor for all work and function and no luxury or fun.

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Good try, needs completing.

jessica smith


it is com[pleated!

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