''of mice and men'' chapter four

and overview of chapter four in of mice and men

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overview -/

  • this scene takes place in crooks room candy Lennie and crooks meet here.
  • in the socail life of the rnach they are the lowest ranking charters
  • it is know saturday night and they are know at Susy's brothel in town
  • crooks is wary of the others at first but slowly get friendlier.
  • after tallking the relise they have dreams in common
  • curley's wife come in and shatter the dream and breaks up the party.
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lennie and candys vist crooks

this chapter is set in in crooks room it feels different because:

  • its actually both his workshop and his home.
  • is is completely separate from the bunk house (he is kept apart form the whites he is also the only black worker)

this chapter starts with crooks rubbing liniment into his back then:

  • Lennie come in smiling stupidly. crooks tells him to get out.
  • but Lennie smile wind him over.
  • crooks teases him about George never coming back. he pushes him as far as he can until Lennie gets quite and mad. crooks releases he isn't malicious or nasty he wont blab.
  • Lennie starts talking about the dream hit optimism about it wins crooks over.
  • candy comes in he already dreaming if his part on George and lenny's little farm.
  • crooks is won over by the dream too- he lived on a smilar farm when he was a boy he wants to join the plan and offers to work for free,
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curleys wife breaks up the party

just when everyone was getting along fine curlyss wife comes from out of nowhere and shocks the 3 blokes. steinbeck emphasises this by not giving her an introduction- she just starts talking with her catchphrase- ''any you boys seen curley''

this scene is all about power. she gets comfort from the feeling of being superior to these men. she ends up breaking the bond between these 3 new cums it another pessimistic view of women in that's books.

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