''of mice and men'' chapter five

an overview of mice and men chapter five

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overview -/

  • Lennie is in the barn with a dead puppy- he just killed by accident.
  • curly's wife enters and starts talking about her past and her dream of the stage.
  • she ask Lennie to feel her soft hair- he like it allot.
  • she tries to pull away but he holds on. she tries to scream but he putts his hand over her mouth and shakes her. he breaks her neck. she is dead. Lennie runs away.
  • candy finds her dead and gets George. who plans to kill Lennie himself,
  • the other guys come in and decide to go after lennie and kill him.
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in the barn:

Lennie has killed his pup:

  • one moment he was caressing his pup the next its dead.
  • he is angry with it because he is now terrified George wont let him tend the rabbits.

this is the glum and angry mood curlyes wife finds him.

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here come trouble:

curley's wife come along and does what she knows best and flirts with Lennie OR she might actually be lonely. she doesn't know how else to communicate with men. mabey Steinbeck is showing how society has forced people into stereotypical roles.

  • she soothes and comforts him.
  • she express he bitterness with he life in general and with men in particular
  • the continues to dream ''mabey i will yet'' she isn't used to living like this she wants to make something of her self.
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the killing:

most of the time during thier coonversation lennie and curleys wif eare not realy comuncitcatin they are just rableing on about their own problems they find out they have something in common they both like hair velbet fur and silk.

lennie now does the same as he does to the mice, the woman in weed, and his own little pup.

  • he switches from gentle to violent
  • one monet he is ectticallt stoking her hair the next he has broken he neck.
  • but because he is like an anial and animal wont harm you if you leave them alone.
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now everyones dream is over:

george- now knows he will end up spending hin money on women and whiskey.

lennie- rembers the back up plan to go to the river so he does.

curleys wife- even when dead she is beutifull her dreams of getting on the movies are also dead like her.

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currly & slim:

all curly wants is revenge for his wife AND his hand !

curly has been humiliated twice

  • he doesn't touch his wife (Slime does)
  • and he dosent stay with her (as slim suggests)

he wants Lennie dead.

the moment is tender and the others hang back

  • it shows slims authority
  • it emphasises the important of lenny's actions and remind us what Lennie done.
  • suggest a personal response from slim mabey he did feel affection for her.
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