Of Mice and Men

some generalised notes on the book.

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Main themes

  • The friendship between George and Lennie which is rare because its set in 1903s America after the Wall street crash and men are having to go find work for themselves.
  • People instantly suspect that George is taking a share/ stake of Lennie's pay.
  • The American dream is looked at mainly.
  • The 'Dream' is a simple idea that the men work to aspire to a smaller version of the American dream...
  • The dream for most migrant workers though can't be realised.
  • the title also says :no matter how well you plan something, always expect the unexpected, in other words, just because you think you've done all you can for something to go right....something can still get messed up (always have a plan B)
  • The return to the brush is almost showing how man disturbs nature(if there is a question on that kind of topic...)
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