Of Mice and Men

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  • Main character
  • Small, 'defined' ranch worker
  • Looks after Lennie-keeps him out of trouble and gets him work
  • Has the 'American Dream', wants a ranch of his own with Lennie who wants to 'tend to rabbits'
  • Father-like figure to Lennie, has to get food for him and carries his work card
  • Together with Lennie, they aren't like other men at the time because they travel together, which was unusual at the time.
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  • Big, 'shapeless'
  • Childlike mind, loyal to George, gentle giant
  • Simple and forgetfull, relies on George for everything
  • Animal imagery used to describe him- 'paws'
  • Has fasination with rabbits
  • Does not know his own strength, which often causes trouble
  • Loves soft things, e.g. mice, rabbits and as we soon find out Curley's Wife's hair.
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Curley's Wife

  • Only woman on ranch
  • Refered to by men as 'tart' and 'rattrap'
  • Could be victim or villain
  • Only power she has is over Crooks and lashes out at him
  • Constantly looking for attention
  • Not given an individual name, just 'Curley's Wife'
  • Portrayed as a possession of Curley, she is his
  • Had a dream to become an actress, but also does not achieve this
  • Killed by Lennie after he snaps her neck.
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  • Only black man on ranch
  • Victim of racism and discrimination
  • Not allowed in bunkhouse, has room in barn
  • Extremely lonely, secretly happy when has company
  • When Curley's wife enters the room when Lennie and Candy are there, the 4 most powerless characters are in the same room.
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  • Bosses son- exboxer
  • Bully and coward- picks on bigger guys
  • Disliked by everyone, even his wife
  • Attacks Lennie, then gets his hand crushed
  • Always looking for a fight
  • Is 'small' and 'thin'
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  • Is the old 'swamper'
  • Good natured and becomes friends with George and Lennie
  • One of the weaker men on ranch due to age and lost hand
  • Was going to put money towards fufilling their 'American Dream' 
  • The fact that he lost his hand on the ranch shows how safety standards lacked in the 1930's
  • Tells George and Lennie all about the people and the ranch
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  • Respected by everyone
  • Kind natured- gives Lennie a puppy and supports George
  • The men look up to Slim, he demonstrates self respect
  • On George and Lennie's side and notices how Lennie is 'jes like a kid'.
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