Of Mice and Men

Revision cards for the main events and themes throughout the story.

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Chapter 1

- The first time we meet George + Lennie.

- Themes of loneliness, friendship and dreams get introduced.

- Lennie gets into trouble, so they have to move away to Solidad to get a job on another ranch.

- George has a go at Lennie about the mouse, then Lennie goes to get fire wood and retrieves the mouse therefore they argue more.

- Lennie asks George to tell him the story about the rabbits and the dream, then they go to sleep.

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Chapter 2

- They arrive at the ranch

- Candy shows them around the bunk house

- They meet the Boss, Curley, Curley's wife, Slim and Carlson.

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Chapter 3

- George confides in Slim

- Carlson convinces Candy to let him shoot his dog

- George tells Lennie about the dream again, Candy over hears and becomes part of the dream

- Curley comes into the bunk house looking for his wife + storms out looking for Slim

- Curley comes back in with Slim and starts hitting Lennie + George tells Lennie to 'get him' and Lennie crushes Curley's hand

- Curley agrees not to tell on Lennie and is taken to a doctor.

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Chapter 4

- Men go into town, leaving Lennie, Crooks, Candy and Curley's wife behind.

- Lennie goes into Crooks room, initially Crooks tells him to leave, but soon starts talking to him.

- Crooks tries to convince Lennie that George might not come back + Lennie gets upset, so Crooks back tracks because he's worried about Lennie.

- Lennie tells Crooks about the dream, Candy joins them and Crooks asks to be involved.

- Curley's wife enters + they reject her, she gets angry and takes it out on Crooks.

- George comes back + Crooks decides he doesn't want to be part of the dream any longer.

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Chapter 5

- Lennie accidentally kills the puppy by petting it too hard.

- Curley's wife enters the barn where Lennie is, he tries not to talk to her, but ends up telling her about the puppy.

- She confides in Lennie + lets him stroke her hair, she gets scared, starts to struggle + he accidentally kills her.

- Lennie runs to hide in the brush where George told him to go if he eer got into trouble. 

- Candy finds the body + tells George, the rest of the men set off on a man hunt.

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Chapter 6

- Lennie makes it to the brush.

- George finds him + whilst telling George about the dream, he shoots him with Carlsons gun.

- The rest of the men arrive, Slim is sympathetic, but Curley + Carlson don't understand.

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- Loneliness/Isolation

- Friendship

- Dreams

- Foreshadowing

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