Of Mice and Men

Explore the methods used by Steinbeck to present the character of Lennie in ‘Of Mice and Men’

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Context/Theme - Lonliness

p.22 M 'murray and readys' employment agency

Steinbeck used to work on a ranch...his knowledge allows the novel to be emotive

Steinbeck felt sympathy for the migrate worker

1929 - Stock market crash

1/3 America was unemployed

fled to California for 'American Dream' - fertile

Itinerant worker 

travelled alone.  'say - ...sellin' pB43

solildad - LONELINESS in Spanish

'guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world' Bp.31

'hardly none of the guys ever travel together'

'ain't many guy travel around together' Tp.57

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Initial Appearance


'a huge man...hung loose'

'heavy hands were pendular'

typical clothing

43 'strong as a bull'

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Lack of Memory

Steinbeck - technique used to portray this man with no memory.


p.20 T 'you sonna'

P.21 B 'i tried....forget'

'oh ...weed' 

doesn't see actions have consequences inky satisfying immediate need.

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Ability to lie

P.22 B 'ain't pocket' 

P.26 M 'what...no mouse'


P.24 T 'his face...nothing' 

P.24 B 'triumphantly' 

doesn't understand the seriousness of the scenario. 

P. 27 T 'blubberin'...you' - good quote. 

Lennie thinks, in his naive, child-like way, that he and George are finally going to get the land with the rabbits for him to tend. Instead, George must kill him.

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P.20M-28 'rings on the water' 

shows lennie has mysterious depths



Double Negative

p-28 T - 'wasn't no good' 

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Lennie Small - noticeably not small


Lennie has to be killed in Chapter 6 by George

Lennie humanely and quickly or watch as the brutal posse tortures him first: his childlike behavior means he doesn't realise what is happening

The same gun that put Candy's dog out of its suffering and misery does the same for Lennie.P72 T

George spends the novel complaining about having to take care of Lennie but doesn't feel the real pain until Lennie is dead. p/24 b 'god...trouble'


Lennie, a huge man who doesn't know how to fight, end up beating a little man who doesn't know how not to fight

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Animal Imagery

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George - The Bond

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The Dream - Rabbits

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Obsessive Behaviour

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How Lennie effects others

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Others opinions on Lennie

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Lennie and Dog - Candy and Dog

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Conversation - Narrative

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Coping in Situations

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Throughout the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ Steinbeck used a variety of techniques to portray the character of Lennie. 

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