Of Mice and Men


Curley Wife -

Confident, woman in a mans world, looking for happiness. she is lonely. Curley is using her.

Age difference(16), only been married a few weeks and is very sad. Lost her dream 


They left all the weak ones here

I'm looking for Curley

I never get to talk to anyone I get awfully lonely

The work know not to talk to Curley's wife , because he will hurt them and loses their job.

Does not leave people alone

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Of Mice and Men


Have his own room and personal space, homely - but basic/ functional- lives next to barn - not wanted in the bunk house

mutual dislike

Prowd man, crippled from a horse accident , has ointment , lost his family

segregated - black person on ranch

'lean face was lined', 'thin pale tightened lips',

Curley wife to Crook, ' I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it aint even funny'

'A guy gets to lonely and he gets sick' 

scape goat and picked on

Big alarm clock, shot gun, books and can read.

Quote 'mauled copy of the Californian Civil Code for 1905'

Working tools - skilled worker

plays horse shoes at the end of the book with the others

Book 1937- racist time

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heya, what exam board are yo doing? :)

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