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Topic 4 - Food Commodities

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Meat & Poultry: Nutritional Value

Meat comes from animals Poultry comes from birds

They contain a certain amount of nutrients which depends on:

  • The age of the animal/bird
  • Part of it which is eaten (e.g. leg)
  • How it is reared (e.g. can it move around?)

Cooking meat and poultry helps make the nutrients more digestible

The nutrients meat and poultry provide are:

  • Protein ----> HBV protein (i.e. all the essential amino acids)
  • Fat ----> mostly saturated fat, meat tends to contain more fat than poultry
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins A & D ----> varies according to the fat content
  • Group B Vitamins
  • Iron ----> red meat is an important source of iron, also contained in poultry
  • Water ----> both naturally contain water, more is sometimes added
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Meat & Poultry: Purchase & Storage


When you buy fresh meat, poultry or offal it needs to (be):

  • moist - but not slimy or wet
  • firm, with a slightly springy flesh or texture
  • a good colour
  • smell fresh
  • within its use-by-date


These are perishable foods -----> they become unfit to eat very quickly

To use them within a couple of days -----> chill them between 0 and 5°C

To use them much later -----> freeze them to at least 18°C

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