OCR History Were the peace treaties of 1919-1923 fair?


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Were the Peace Treaties of 1919 - 23 Fair?

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Wilson- 14 points, LON, Germany not destroyed, G not blamed 4 war

Clemenceau- Revenge, Alsace Lorrine, No LON, Rhineland Independent, Huge Reperations 4 G, G never 2 fight again

LG- Just Peace, Make G pay, Strong 2 trade (G), Gain land 4 Brittion, Safeguard B navel power.

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Why did victors not get what they wished

Different views.

FR- wanted G destroyed

W-peace and love everwhere

LG- Mixture

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Impact of Versailles upto 1923

  • Revenge
  • Security
  • Reparations
  • 14 Points
  • Communism
  • Land changes
  • Army changes
  • War Guilt
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Army Changes

  • No Airforce
  • No tanks
  • No Subs
  • Navy limited to 15,000 men
  • Army limited to 100,000 men (no Conscription)
  • 6 Navel ships allowed
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Could the treaties be justified at the time


Dividing G in two,Reperations, G Industry, war guilt, Disarment, G only disarmed, loss of colonies, Dictated Peace


Reperations due to los of land, AL back to France, Limit of Arms, Disagreement, LON set up, End to war, Rhine land, Desperate need for peace

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its obvious YOU know what your on about, but im not sure... :L

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