OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Thigpen and Cleckley (4)

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Thigpen and Cleckley (4)

Examples of Eve Black: One incident occurred when Eve White was punished when she aged 6 for wandering in the woords to play with some other children. When she told her parents she didn't, she was severely punished. Eve Black admitted in an interview that she enjoyed the adventure and liked Eve White getting punished. Another incident was when Eve White's husband lost his temper when she spent lots of money on new clothes and hid them away. Eve Black later confessed to the shopping spree.Quantitative Results: Both personalities were given a series of psychometric (i.e. IQ and memory tests) and projective tests (i.e. Rorschach and drawings of human figures) by an independent expert with the following results: IQ test results: Eve White obtained an IQ of 110 and Eve Black 104.Memory Test results: Eve White had a superior memory function than Eve Black. Rorschach test (ink blot test) and drawings of human figures results: The profile of Eve Black was far healthier than Eve White. Eve Black though was regressive whilst Eve White was repressive showing obsessive-compulsive traits, rigidity and an inability to deal with her hostility. During the therapy sessions it became clear that Eve Black had little compassion for Eve White, and could not be persuaded to help with the therapy. For example, the therapists noted that Eve Black had ‘often misled the therapist into believing she was cooperating, when in fact her behaviour was particularly detrimental to Eve White’s progress’.As Eve White became aware of Eve Black’s existence through the therapy, she became able to prevent her ‘getting out’ on occasions, and so negotiation was necessary for Eve Black to get more time ‘out’. After eight months of treatment Eve White seemed to be making progress. Her ‘blackouts’ had ceased and she was working well at her job (as a telephone operator) and ‘was reaching some acceptable solution to her marital problems’.

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