OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Rosenhan (3)

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Rosenhan (3)

Results (Cont): Another example of behaviour being misinterpreted by staff as stemming from within the patient, rather than the environment, was when a psychiatrist pointed to a group of patients waiting outside the cafeteria half an hour before lunchtime. To a group of registrars (trainee psychiatrists) he suggested that such behaviour was characteristic of an oral-acquisitive syndrome. However, a more likely explanation would be that the patients had little to do, and one of the few things to anticipate in a psychiatric hospital is a meal.

Results of Natural Experiment: In 4 of the hopsitals, the pseudo-p's carried out an observation of behaviour of staff towards patients that illustrate the experience of being hopsitalised on a psychiatric ward. These results were compared with the uni study. In the uni study, nearly all the requests were acknowledged and responded to unlike in the psychiatric hospital where the pseudo-p's were treated as if they were invisible.

  • Moves on with head averted: 71%  (Psychiatrists); 88% (Nurses)
  • Makes eye contact: 23% (Psychiatrists); 10% (Nurses)
  • Pauses and chats: 2% (Psychiatrists); 4% (Nurses)
  • Stops and talks: 4% (Psychiatrists); 0.5% (Nurses)
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