OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Griffiths (7)

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Griffiths (7)

Explanation of results: Griffiths argues that this study shows that regular fruit machine gamblers are not significantly more skilled on fruit machines than non regular gamblers and that regular gamblers believe that their activity is far more skilled than it actually is. The study supports the argument that regular fruit machine users do use cognitive biases when gambling. Griffiths argues that although regular gamblers do make more irrational verbalisations he is cautious about whether such findings do explain that the difference between regular and non-regular gamblers. Griffiths argues that more research needs to be carried out to discover whether the choice of heuristics is the underlying cause of irrational gambling behaviour or whether the choice of heuristics are the symptoms of a deeper underlying cause such as personality defects. Griffiths argues that knowledge of the heuristics gamblers use could be used to rehabilitate gamblers through cognitive behavioural modification. This would involve modifying the thought patterns of an individual in an attempt to moderate or stop their gambling. Griffiths has termed this technique ‘audio playback therapy’ and provides anecdotal evidence of its use. 

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