OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Griffiths (3)

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Griffiths (3)

M&P: Quasi experimental method

Main IV: Whether participants were regular (RGs) or non-regular gamblers (NRGs).

The DVs were: Objective measurements of skill on the fruit machine, the content of analysis of utterances from the thinking aloud method and subjective measures of skill perception from the post-experimental semi-structured interview. 60 participants; mean age of 23.4 years old; 44 males; 16 females; All p's had played on a fruit machines at least once in their lives; Most p's recruited via a small poster ad circulated around a uni and college campus; number of regular players were recruited via a regular gambler known to Griffiths

IV1: RG or NRG:

RGs: 29 Males; 1 Female; Mean age = 21.6 years; defined as RG as they gambled at least once a week on a fruit machine Snowball sample

NRGs: 15 Males; 15 Females; Mean age = 25.5 years; self-selected sample; classed as gamblers who gambled on fruit machines once a month or less.

IV2: Thinking aloud condition or non-thinking aloud condition.

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