OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Dement and Kleitman (4)

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Dement and Kleitman (4)

Results: REM periods which were not terminated by an awakening varied between 3 minutes and 50 minutes with a mean of about 20 minutes, and they tended to increase in length as the night progressed. The REM periods occurred at regular intervals during the night, though each participant has their own pattern: the mean period between each REM phase for the whole group was 92 minutes, with individual norms varying between 70 minutes and 104 minutes.Results relating to hypothesis 1: (there will be a significant association between REM sleep and dreaming). The results show that REM sleep is predominantly, though not exclusively, associated with dreaming, and N-REM sleep is associated with periods of non-dreaming sleep.Nearly all dream recall in N-REM awakenings occurred within eight minutes of an REM, suggesting that the dream might have been remembered from the previous REM. Results relating to hypothesis 2: (there will be a significant positive correlation between the estimate of the duration of dreams and the length of eye-movement). The series of awakenings which were carried out to see if the participants could accurately estimate the length of their dreams revealed that all the participants were able to choose the correct dream duration fairly accurately, except for one participant who could only recall the latter part of the dream and so underestimated its length.

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