OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Dement and Kleitman (3)

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Dement and Kleitman (3)

M&P (Cont):

Testing Hypothesis 2: (there will be a significant positive correlation between the estimate of the duration of dreams and the length of eye-movement). The participants were also woken up either five minutes or fifteen minutes into a REM period, and asked to say whether they thought they had been dreaming for 5 or 15 mins.

Testing Hypothesis 3: (there will be a significant association between the pattern of eye movement and the context of the dream). The participants were woken up as soon as one of four patterns of eye movement had lasted for at least one minute. On waking, the participant was asked to describe in detail the content of their dream. The four patterns that prompted an awakening were: (a) mainly vertical eye movements; (b) mainly horizontal eye movements; (c) both vertical and horizontal eye movements; (d) very little or no eye movement.    

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