OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Baron-Cohen (5)

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Baron-Cohen (5)

Results:Eyes Task - As predicted high functioning adults with autism and Asperger syndrome did have more difficulties with the Eye Task than both 'normal' adults and adults with Tourette syndrome (maximum possible score was 25).


  • Adults with Autism/Asperger syndrome = 16.3 (Mean score on Eyes Task)
  • 'Normal' adults = 20.3 (Mean score on Eyes Task)
  • Adults with Tourette syndrome = 20.4 (Mean score on Eyes Task)

Eyes Task (Gender) - It was also found that 'normal' adult males had more difficulties with the Eye task than 'normal' adult females.


  • 'Normal' males: = 18.8 (Mean score on Eyes Task); 'Normal' females = 21.8 (Mean score on Eyes Task)

Strange stories tasks: On this task, none of the participants with Tourette syndrome made any mistakes, whereas many participants with autism or Asperger syndrome had difficulties with the task.Control tasks: All participants performed equally well on the control tasks.

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